Customize your notes

Create custom templates for your notes to better suit your needs, may it be diary entries, financial notes, travel notes and so on.

  • Customize notes

    Define the way your notes should look and behave using custom templates. Your notes can contain plain text, rich text, numbers, geotags, dates and images. You can even add lists of options to choose from when writing your notes.

    Add validation on your notes content and change the way your notes look with different font and alignment options.

  • Find what you're looking for

    Having lots of notes can make searching for the right note very hard. With Custom Notes you can use advanced filters to easily find exactly what you're looking for. You can also sort your notes on different fields, which gives you easy access to specific notes.

  • Keep your notes private

    You don't need to create any accounts and upload all your data to servers that may be more or less secure. All your notes can be kept safely on your device.

  • Access info easily

    Information is only 2 taps away. When you're lost and can't figure what a control does, press twice on the top bar to view the info specific to that screen.

  • No hidden costs

    Pay once and have access to all features.